Pitmaster Jay Lopa has been studying the “art” of Bar-B-Que for the past 10 years, reading every inch of material and learning from some of the best BBQers in the country. Using almost every cooking method and equipment out there, from our custom LANG 60” stick burner to a custom Backwoods fatboy a Treager pellet smoker and our fast eddy FEC 100, Jay has been creating some of the areas best BBQ.

After many years of going to and studying BBQ competitions, in 2009 his son Jason and daughter Nikki paid for and surprised Jay with his entry into their first competition. Placing in any of the four KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) categories seemed like it would be impossible given the 50 seasoned teams competing at the final event that year in New York State. After the “smoke” settled, Slogies BBQ walked a way with a trophy for 5th place RIBS, and an impressive 14th overall finish. Not bad for their first time out. “I knew right then and there we belong here.” Jay said after the competition “with a few tweaks to our BBQ we could be a contender in every competition”. It was an eye opening event for the team. After perfecting their QUE, Slogies BBQ has been getting their exercise walking up to get their trophies in all the categories and in almost every event since.

Slogies BBQ has since been on a tear in the BBQ circuit. Including 1st place chicken in 2012 at The Roc City Rib Fest, 1st place PORK in 2013 at The Cross Borders BBQ Festival, 1st place BRISKET at Brockport Music Fest in 2013, 1st place CHICKEN WINGS Oinktoberfest 2013. RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BROCKPOT MUSIC FEST 2010, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION CROSS BORDERS 2013, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BROCKPORT MUSIC FEST 2013, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION SMOKING EAGLES BBQ FEST 2013. With multitudes of 2nd and 3rd place trophies and over 45 total awards (and counting). All cumulating in a THIRD place ranking in NEW YORK STATE in 2013 (out of 235 teams).

After the pleading of their friends and family to “sell your food” as they claimed it was the “best they have ever had” SLOGIES BBQ came about. A custom built 24ft enclosed trailer serves as our mobile kitchen. Including in it all stainless steel counters, sinks, shelf’s and all the "tools of the trade” needed to serve their AWARD WINNING, COMPETITON QUALITY BBQ to you and your friends.

Capable of handling almost any size catering event you have, with impeccable customer service and the knowledge that your food is prepared and cooked on site. You will be more then happy watching your party sample food from their wide variety of choices. Their slow cooked meats and sides will be the talk of the party or event. Your patrons will have the thrill of the sights and smells that occurs when the Slogies BBQ cooks their food on premise. A small family owned and operated business will let you rest assure that the cleanliness and quality of your food will be priority number one, so you will never be disappointed.

Here at Slogies BBQ we only use the freshest and finest cuts of meat. All wrapped in our secret dry rubs by hand then prepared and finished with one of our homemade BBQ sauces. Cooked in one of our custom smokers for up to 12hrs you will be treated to mouth watering AWARD WINNING BBQ perfected on the KCBS BBQ circuit. You will be wondering how all the “others” can call there food Bar-B-Que after tasting the quality that SLOGIES BBQ has to offer you in every bite.

                                                                 We appreciate any & all your business,

                                                                                                            THANK YOU SLOGIES BBQ .